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Clock in Station

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"It's hard to see a time piece leave the shop but the story behind it and the family that enjoys it makes it all worth while......"

Our clock repair:

I get questions about what is involved in servicing mechanical clocks. It’s no fast process. Think about it like changing oil in your car. You don’t keep adding oil till it stops….it WILL stop. You have to get the old oil out. You can only do that by completely taking it all apart and cleaning it with the right ultrasonic solution. Especially any springs mounted inside winding spring barrels that require special tools to remove/reinstall them properly without destroying them. After it is properly dried, any warn parts need to be repaired after inspection. This takes time and machine work fitting bushings to repair any round holes worn oblong. Any rotating shaft ends are polished or replaced. New brass tension wires fitted if applicable. Special attention to chime timing configuration is required. Proper oil and grease is applied properly in the correct places. Then observe it in testing/running on a test stand for up to a week or so. I won’t do it any other way….

"The red highlight: circles the gunk that needs to be removed. I would not add oil to this if it was my clock....."

Movement gunk

Below are some neat clock(s) that I had the pleasure to repair. I wish I could share them all but here's a few. Plus some notables:

Ben Willard tall case clock

1750's Benjamin Willard tall case clock

- Been passed down in the family since purchased new in Boston.

- A "bell" ringer that is ticking again ! Thanks Steve !

1802 Simon Willard $50

Note: Delivered by Wm Cody ! ( Buffalo Bill's Dad )

Another "bucket list" clock back up and running! Thanks for the business Bill and Harriet !

Willard Clock Museum 

My wife and I had the pleasure. I hope you do too someday.

Willard Museam
Trigs tower clock

Trig's corporate office - clock tower in Minocqua, WI

A three faced clock that I have the pleasure to take care of. 

I had the privilege to deliver a new presidential Howard Miller clock to Brent. His "bucket list" clock.

Eisenhower Clock

Unique French tall case clock ?

Pinwheel escapement back up and running. Thanks for the business Lee and Margo !

No markings on movement. Est. circa: Late 1700-early 1800's. Rare. About 10' tall.

Custom clock

Custom clock work: Install new "works" in Scott's custom case. Note: programmable lighting!

NAWCC museum

What a pleasure. You really need to see this for yourself !

NAWCC museam pic
Street clock in Columbia, PA
Church pic

Carillons at First United Methodist Church

Yes, that was me. If you get a chance to hear them, they are breathtaking. They are digital bells that play the Westminster Chime before striking the hour and then play a short bell tune. Remotely controlled in Rhinelander, WI

Carillon pic
Seth Thomas clock

Rhinelander Paper Co

All I can say is: WOW, what a pleasure to have the privilege to get this clock back up and running. It's still in the maintenance department where it belongs since 1903. Enjoy the 1953 article!

RPC article
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