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Brass or SS Yacht Lamp

Brass or SS Yacht Lamp

$269.00 Regular Price
$229.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

The Brass Yacht Lamp is solid brass and is styled after a traditional miner’s lamp. The design includes venting holes at the top of the bonnet and a mesh screen inside that disperses gas from the flame, avoiding the risk of gas build up, a feature crucial to early miners who were at risk of experiencing explosions in airless underground tunnels. This feature makes it perfect for use on boats or on the porches of coastal retreats. The glass enclosed flame cannot be extinguished by even hurricane-force winds as long as the fuel source remains. This safe and reliable lamp is individually-numbered and can stand independently on a table or mounted to a wall or boat bulkhead with separate mounting options: Brass (#705) or Chrome (#905) Gimbal Mount which ensures the lamp sways securely while underway (sold separately). Solid cast & tooled brass Wind-resistant glass enclosed flame Individually numbered “C” hook for easy hanging Oil reservoir capacity: 5 oz (0.15 liters) Burn time: +/- 30 hours with Weems & Plath Lamp Fuel (#780), available separately Separate mounting option available for purchase: Brass or Chrome Gimbal (#705, #905) Replacement wicks available for purchase in 3-packs (#770-3) Sturdy, cylindrical storage container with screw-top cap Two-year warranty

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